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Lean Startup Conference brings together entrepreneurs and corporate innovators who seek to learn continuous innovation and sustainable growth.

Our future creator Tara Velis was invited to speak at Lean Startup Conference 2017 in San Francisco. The topic was about how to apply Lean Startup principles in order to live your life like a startup.

Transcript video:

Imagine that you dread going to work every single day. Your job is just not fulfilling at all. You feel stuck. But you still choose to stay. Why?

I guess it’s because, quitting your job is scary, right? There is a lot at stake, so many factors to take into account. And how could you possibly know if another job might make you happier?

When it comes to big life decisions, there is actually two types of choices. Passive choices, and active choices.

In passive choices, people just accept the circumstances  they are in. Usually, this is out of fear of the unknown, like in the example that I just gave you.

Whereas in active choices, people accept the responsibility for changing a situation they are in. The tendency for people, however,

is to make passive choices in order to avoid uncertainty.

But if you do so, aren’t you essentially trapped by fear? Is that really how you wanna live your life? What if you would make active choices instead?

When I was working as a growth hacker in a software company, I used Eric Ries’ Build Measure Learn feedback loop model a lot in my job.

Explain growth

I would formulate a hypothesis, test it, measure the results, and use this analysis to make the next iteration better.

I realized that BML is a really powerful model, and I started applying that same principle to my personal life to make those active life choices. I highly encourage you to do the same.

I’ll give you an example to illustrate how I did it. I remember when I had to pick my major in University, I really didn’t know what to choose. There were so many options! And so I decided to pick a safe option by pursuing a general degree in European Studies.

Later on I realized that that was actually a passive choice. After graduation I landed a great job, but still I felt that something was not quite right.

I could have decided to ignore this feeling and come up with reasons for myself as to why I had to stay, but instead I chose to make an active choice this time.

I didn’t quit my job straight away, but I started building, by formulating my hypothesis. I said to myself: ‘I believe that by using my imagination and creativity more in my job, I might become a happier person’.

I started talking to ppl in the creative industry to see what their job was like, I did some online research, and I began keeping a journal of all the little things that were inspiring or creative to me. These things combined were actually my MVP!

And so after I collected this data, I started measuring by having a look at the things that I wrote down, trying to identify patterns and trends in order to distill a common theme.

In doing so, i learned that I really like the process of innovation, bc there is a lot of creativity involved. Once I got this insight, THAT is when I quit my job.

I’m doing digital innovation and business transformation now. So basically I changed my career path based on a validated life experiment. A pivot, right there!

Living in this way doesn’t neccesarily mean that you have to risk every big thing in your life. But it might just be that little extra push you need to test the things that really matter to you

Imagine what could happen if you decided to apply Lean principles to yourself.

Just remember that you always have a choice in life and every choice you make makes you. So start working on a better you by making active, validated life choices.


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